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The most cost-efficient WordPress VPS hosting solution when your online business is growing, but you don't want to manage everything on your own. Get your WordPress server deployed and optimized in minutes, not hours, and a free WordPress transfer by our expert 24/7 Technical Support.

WordPress Plans Cores RAM Space Bandwidth IPv4 Price ORDER
50GB Plan 1 x 3.4GHz 512MB 50GB HDD 1 TB 1 $8.00 Order Now
100GB Plan 1 x 3.4GHz 1GB 100GB HDD 2 TB 1 $12.00 Order Now
150GB Plan 2 x 3.4GHz 2GB 150GB HDD 3 TB 1 $18.00 Order Now
300GB Plan 4 x 3.4GHz 4GB 300GB HDD 5 TB 1 $30.00 Order Now

Take advantage of our Available Addons for your VPS server

We offer a range of competitively priced additional addons which can be ordered with any VPS build



$15.99 Monthly

The Lite license is best for small companies who require up to 10 indepedent accounts/logins, and the ability to manage up to 50 domains.

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$29.99 Monthly

The DirectAdmin standard license is best for medium to large shared-hosting and/or reseller-hosting companies. No limit on accounts or domains.

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Up to 5 Accounts


$20.99 Monthly

Created for a small to mid-level agencies and businesses, application developers, and web designers only needing a few accounts.

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Up to 30 Accounts

$30.99 Monthly

Optimal for mid-level businesses and large agencies that are growing. Allows for scalability.

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Web Pro Edition

$11.99 Monthly

30 domains, WordPress Toolkit, Developer Pack, Subscription Management, Account Management

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Web Host Edition

$33.99 Monthly

Unlimited domains, WordPress Toolkit, Developer Pack, Subscription Management, Account Management, Reseller Management

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Why Choose WordPress VPS Hosting?

A selection of Server Operating Systems to choose from

All of our dedicated plans allow you to select your preferred operating system when building your server







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Microsoft Windows VPSs can come with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, or Microsoft Windows Server 2016, installed and are ready for use within minutes after placing your order. Hostwinds Windows VPSs are optimized for our environment and can be deployed to any of our data center locations.
Windows Servers come with Remote Desktop (RDP) access as well as Virtual Network Computing (VNC) access to your server. You have full Administrator access to any Windows VPS, which allows you to manage and configure it. You can also choose to install a web hosting management control panel such a Plesk or SolidCP to make managing your server easier.
Google Chrome comes installed with any Windows VPS. You can use your Windows VPS in the same way you would use your computer to browse the internet and visit sites like Youtube and Google. You may also install other applications if needed, as you have full control of your server and configurations.
Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Web Edition licenses can be ordered from the Hostwinds Client Area once the server is ready for use. Microsoft SQL Server Web 2012, Microsoft SQL Server Web 2014, and Microsoft SQL Server Web 2016 are all available to help manage all of your data and database communication needs.
Windows VPS licenses are provided by VPSGROUND when you order your Windows VPS. Once your order is placed, the Operating System is installed and the license is applied automatically so that your server is ready for immediate use. Once your server is prepared, you will receive an email with further instructions and the details you need to begin using your Windows Server.
Microsoft Windows Servers may be upgraded at any time through your Cloud Control if you need any additional resources. Be sure your server is cloud-ready and able to meet the demands of your personal or business use, with enough resources such as CPU Cores, RAM, and Disk Space.

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